Tri-City Dance Centre Covid-19 Protocol 


1.   You will need to know what studio your child’s class will be held in (their first class if they have more than one a day). That will determine where you drop them off and what entrance into the studio they will use. The studio allocations are on your class list on your account and we have attached a schedule with them below.

When a dancer enters the building by the back staircase for Studio A or B they will need to wait on a blue line until their teacher calls them in to class. For Studio 5, they will wait outside the studio or in the car until they see the class before them let out of the studio. For Studio C, they will enter through the doors upstairs and wait on an X outside the studio until the class before is let out. For Studio D, they will tip toe through Studio A when there is a break in music and wait down the hall outside Studio D. 

The doors to the studios will open 15 minutes prior to the first class. Dancers are not permitted to arrive early and wait inside at this time. Please aim to drop off your dancer no earlier than 7-8 minutes before their class. 

2.    Dancers are to only bring in what is absolutely necessary for their class. No huge backpacks. School backpacks must be left in the space at the top of the stairwells. The dancers should be changed when possible and wearing shoes that are easy to take on and off. There are no change rooms available right now.

3.    If a dancer has MORE than one class on a certain day and will be moving studios, they will take a clean basket when they enter and place all their belongings in it. Everything they bring in to the studio MUST fit in the basket. They will carry the basket from studio to studio and when they leave, they will place the used basket in the “used baskets” bin beside the “clean baskets” bin. The baskets will be continually sanitized.

4.    Bathrooms are assigned to each studio. Studio B and C will each have a stall in the girls bathroom. Studio D (and possibly 5- we are waiting to hear if the downstairs bathrooms will be open) will use the Boys bathroom and Studio A will use the handicap bathroom. This way, we keep each studio as a cohort. The bathrooms are cleaned every 15 minutes minimum between 4-8 pm. For this reason, all bathrooms will be “unisex” at this time and no change rooms will be open. Changing, if absolutely necessary, will have to occur in the designated bathroom.

5.    A “Covid monitor” is in the studio waiting area Monday to Friday from 4-8pm and oversees the sanitizing of bathrooms and high touch surfaces, social distancing, entry and exit of younger dancers, and general Covid protocol. All dancers must abide by the Covid related requests of the monitor at all times.

6.    The waiting area is NOT open to parents or siblings. Only dancers are permitted to use the waiting area and ONLY if they have breaks in between classes. They will sit a maximum of 2 to a table. No parents may enter the waiting area without an appointment.

7.    For parents wishing to view their child’s class, each upstairs studio (A,B,C and D) will be assigned a Zoom code. You must ask to enter the room within the first 5 minutes of the class and you MUST have an Name/identification that a teacher recognizes Such as “Sally’s mom”. If your last name is different or you are a generic number, we will not allow you in. You can not interrupt the class. You must be on mute with your screen off. For Studio 5, the blinds will be open and you will be able to view from the outside. On Friday evenings and Saturday mornings, you can log into studio C Zoom to view your dancers Studio 5 classes.

8.    Parents of children 6 and under are asked to remain close by if their child is in Studio 5 in case we need you to take them to the bathroom. There will be an assistant in the room for some classes on Saturdays to assist with this. Upstairs, we will have a monitor who will assist any children needing help. It would be very helpful if your dancer got in the habit of going to the bathroom before leaving the house.

9.    Dancers will be required to sanitize their hands upon entering the studio. Those on breaks will be asked to wash and/or sanitize their hands while moving through the lobby area.

10.    Each studio will be fully sanitized after each class where a dancer has had bare feet, sat on the floor or touched the floor with their hands. The ballet barres will be sanitized after each class as well.

11.    MASKS ARE MANDATORY for entering, exiting, going to the bathroom and moving around the studio for ALL ages. Masks are mandatory for ages 8+ in classes too. It may take a bit for the dancers to get used to them, but unless your dancer has a health issue that would prevent them from wearing a mask for a full class, please make sure they know they are to wear theirs. Teachers will be in masks at all times they are within 12 feet of a dancer, which will be in every studio at all times except Studio A if a teacher is in the notched out area.

If a dancer arrives without a mask, a disposable one will be given to them at a cost of $1.00.

12.    The Office will be open between 2-7pm for phone calls or in person appointments. Appointments must be set up in advance. Please call 604-523-6868 at any time between these hours. We will do our absolute best to answer every call. If you need to get in touch with your child, we can relay a message for you. Their cell phones will be off during classes. Your dancer can come in to the office any time between 3:30-7:00 to purchase tights, hairnets etc. Please send them with cash or a debit card. We will apply a 3% credit card fee to all transactions now.

13.    If your child or anyone in your household has travelled outside of Canada within the last 14 days OR has ANY signs of Covid-19 symptoms such as fever, cough, body aches not associated with dance, vomiting,  cold like symptoms OR has been exposed to Covid-19, they must not come to the studio. We can arrange to have them take the class by Zoom. You must email the studio to request a Zoom lesson no later than 12 noon on the day of their class.

14.    All faculty will respond to a daily email requiring them to confirm they have no Covid symptoms, have not been in contact with anyone who has tested positive for Covid, have not travelled or been in contact with anyone who has travelled in the past two weeks and are in good health to teach. Should a teacher not be able to confirm the above, they will teach on Zoom from their home and students will be notified ahead of time.

15.    All of our studio open/close/holiday/theme dates will be sent to you very soon including the Recital date in June and our Preview show for those in the PTP or Performance Program. We do not yet know what 2021 will hold as far as theatres go but we are optimistic we will be able to resume some degree of “normalcy” by then.

16.    If, in the sad event we have to close our doors due to a Covid outbreak, all classes will be held as usual at the regularly scheduled times on Zoom. Should a closure last more than 6 weeks, we will make a determination then about what we will do. We faced devastating losses from the last closure March-June and hope everyone will stick with us should a short closure happen.

17.    By sending your child to dance class and by them entering the studio, you are confirming they are in good health with no Covid symptoms, have not been in contact with anyone who has tested positive for Covid or travelled or been in contact with anyone who has travelled outside of Canada within the last two weeks.

Let’s keep our dance studio the safest place to be for everyone!