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"FINALE 2022" - June 4, 2020

Tri-City Dance Centre"FINALE" FAQs

When do tickets go on sale for "Finale 2022"?

Tickets go on sale Saturday, May 16th at noon --The box office is open Tuesday to Saturday from 12:00 pm - 2:00 pm and 3:00 - 6:00 pm.    Massey Theatre is located at 735 ~ 8th Avenue in New Westminster.   As many families try to book on-line, phone-in orders and line-up at the box office exactly at 12 noon on the day the tickets go on sale, you may experience a delay.  Massey theatre does bring in extra staff to help and they work as quickly as they can so please be patient.


How do I purchase tickets for "Finale 2022"?

All tickets for "Finale 2020" must be purchased through the Massey Theatre box office and all seating is reserved.
You can phone in your order at 604-521-5050
Order tickets online at
or you can go in person to the Massey Theatre box office -- 735 Eighth Avenue, New Westminster, BC

Tickets are $20.00 a seat and everyone entering the theatre requires a ticket.  There is no limit per family purchasing tickets (Please note that Massey Theatre will add a patron fee service charge to each ticket sold)  

Ticket sales are final - no refunds!! 

Is there a dress rehearsal for my dancer?

Yes! The dress rehearsal will be held on the afternoon of Friday, June 5.  Your dancer will be given a 30-minute time slot.

Twirl dancers rehearsal will be scheduled prior to their show time on Saturday, June 6.  More details and a schedule will be emailed.


When do we arrive for rehearsal?

Please arrive 20 minutes before the call time and wait outside. We will return your child to you within 50 minutes! Example: rehearsal call time is 4:30. Please arrive and bring your dancer backstage at 4:10. We will bring your dancer back outside the stage doors at approximately 5:00. Please be there and waiting.

Parents please drop your dancers off at the stage door for their 30-minute time slot, then pick them up after at the stage door.

Our team will be back stage in the theatre to bring your dancers into the theatre and will escort them back to the stage door.

For the dress rehearsal, please bring your dancer in proper dance attire with  their dance shoes.

Where is the stage door at Massey Theatre? 

Massey Theatre is located at 735 Eighth Avenue, New Westminster, BC V3M 2R2

(8th Street and 8th Avenue.) The stage door faces 8th Avenue. 

What does my dancer wear to their performance day?

Dancers should arrive with hair and make up done, with their costume and dance shoes hanging in a garment bag. 

Should I buy my dancer a "FINALE" ticket?

No, you don't have to buy your dancer a ticket. We buy the balcony for our dancers and have amazing parent volunteers who take care of the children during the show. Yes, they will take them to the bathroom if needed and touch up lipstick or hair before they dance (if you leave lipstick and hairspray out and easily available for them to do so!)

Do parents need to come backstage to help their dancer during the show?

No, you do not need to come backstage to change your dancer if he/she has multiple numbers in a show. Just make sure everything is ready, labelled and organized for our great Moms who help in the change rooms!

You can speak directly to them with specific instructions for each number - please have the costume check lists attached to each costume. 

How will I know who is a volunteer?

Volunteers wear easily identifiable black Tri-City Dance Centre volunteer shirts and generally have name tags on too! They are all experienced moms of our dancers or older dancers. 

Does Tri-City Dance Centre sell flowers at "FINALE?"

Yes, we have flowers available for you to buy in the lobby for your dancer! All proceeds from our flower sales support the TCDC Scholarship Fund.

How do I order a DVD of "FINALE"?

In House Video will be taping the show again this year.  Order forms for the “FINALE” dvds will be available at Massey Theatre in the lobby before and after each show or you can order on-line:

Ordered DVD's will be available for pick-up from the studio office.  

(Please be sure to check our website for pick-up times.)

How early should we arrive for the show?

Please bring your dancer backstage or to the directed dressing room 45 minutes before the show begins (so...backstage at 6:45 for the Friday 7:30pm show, 1:15pm for the Saturday 2:00pm show and 5:15pm for the Saturday 6:00pm show- please do not be late!) unless he/she has a rehearsal earlier in which case you will bring him/her backstage 15 minutes before the scheduled rehearsal and wait in the assigned dressing room for us to bring him/her back to you after their rehearsal. You will pick your dancer up in the same dressing room that you left him/her in. We will not let dancers leave the dressing room to meet you in the lobby unless he/she is over 13.

Sorry, no MEN permitted in the band rooms or the main dressing rooms downstairs. Please wait outside the door. Only boys who are performing are permitted in the boys dressing room- no moms. 

How will I know which dressing room to take my child to?

If your child is a boy OR has more three or more numbers in that show, you will take him/her to the downstairs dressing rooms. If your child is a girl and has one or two numbers in that show, you will proceed backstage and follow the marked signs to the band rooms located off the stage and find her marked class waiting area. The bathrooms are located off the downstairs dressing rooms off the stage doors. Please make sure your dancer has used the bathroom before leaving him/her with us for rehearsal or the shows!

Finale Theatre Etiquette?

Please familiarize yourself and all who will be attending the show with you on basic theatre etiquette. No food or drink (other than water) is permitted in the theatre. Please TURN OFF and PUT AWAY all cell phones. The light is extremely distracting to both the audience around you as well as the dancers on stage.

No photography or videotaping of any kind is permitted during the show, other than by the studio appointed people. Take as many pictures as you like in the lobby or dressing rooms! All dances are copyrighted and it is illegal to videotape or photograph without prior written permission. Please alert Massey Theatre Staff if you see anyone videotaping the performance. We appreciate your understanding of this important theatre rule.  Please do not leave your seat or the theatre during a number. Wait until the number is over before exiting or entering the theatre.

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