Does your 3, 4 or 5 year old love to dance?

We have the perfect program for him/her! TWIRL!

  • Twirl 1 is for 3 year olds and is a 45 minute class once a week.

  • Twirl 2 is for 4 year olds and is a 45 minute class once a week.

  • Twirl 3 is for 5 year olds and is a 45 minute class once a week.

Twirl enhances our outstanding 20 year established Pre-dance program focusing on co ordination, musicality and imagination while learning basic ballet, jazz, musical theatre and tap (tap shoes provided during the year). 

As a Twirl dancer, your child will receive:

  • A Twirl activity book: We will utilize the book at least once per month during class, so we will store it at the studio all year. We will personalize it to your dancer, and they can take it home at the end of the year for continued fun!

  • A Twirl ribbon for their dance bag: Each week, at the end of class, your dancer will earn a rhinestone for their ribbon. At the end of the dance year, they will have a super sparkly souvenir of their dance year!

  • A Twirl Graduation Celebration Certificate: At the end of the dance year your child will earn a certificate of completion!

  • Your little dancer will look forward to dance day each week with the fun and imaginative activities offered in their Twirl class!   (Any aspects of the program that are geared towards girls will have an appropriate alternative for any boys registering in this program).

Click on Twirl Image for program brochure.

Broadway Next.jpg
Broadway Next

Broadway Next meets every Thursday night from 6:45-8:15pm. Those enrolled will begin by working on singing, dancing and acting skills while the instructors keep both the children’s experience and confidence in mind. In early October, the instructors (led by Kayla Cameron, a graduate of the 4 year degree program from the American Musical and Dramatic Academy in Los Angeles) will choose the musical the children will be working on for the rest of the year. In mid May, Broadway Next will culminate in 2-3 in studio performances of their musical for audiences.
While no experience is necessary or extra classes are mandatory, it is highly encouraged that the children enrolled in Broadway Next also be taking a jazz or ballet class to work on their dance skills. Some children may have dance or singing or acting experience but most will not be well trained in all three!

Through Broadway Next, they will be introduced to character study, memorizing lines, staging and blocking, singing with a group and/or alone depending on their confidence, and basic choreography. They will learn to work with a group as well as on their own. They will work to design and build sets, with help from parents or grandparents as needed. They will choose their costumes from our extensive wardrobe.
This program requires regular attendance and a commitment from all members. A member may lose their role in the musical if they miss class regularly. Broadway Next requires a $100 non refundable deposit which is applied to the final payment instalment. The cost for the year is $900, divided in to a September instalment of $300, a December 1 instalment of $300 and a March 1 instalment of $200, or it can be paid in full. The $100 deposit is non refundable if a student drops out at any time in the program.



A Student who is taking only one class a week in any dance discipline or any student taking classes in disciplines that are not meeting competitive pre-requisites.  All Twirl classes are recreational.  Performing is limited to the year-end “Finale”.

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Performance Program

Student taking a minimum of 2 classes a week in which one of the classes is a pre-requisite (i.e. – competitive jazz requires ballet) or students training for an R.A.D. ballet exam in grade one or higher or A.I.D.T. Tap exam blue star or higher.  Dancers in this program compete in one to three competitions a year.  Competitive students may be asked to perform at community events, and will perform in the year-end “Finale”, possibly in more than one show.

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Professional Training Program (PTP)

Students in the PTP take a minimum of 6 classes a week, and work up to 10+ classes a week at the senior level.  This program begins at age 7 or 8 and consists of 2 days of training a week at the youngest level increasing to 4 or 5 days a week at the Senior and Company level.


The PTP offers a discount price package, which makes it a very good deal for the parents of student who truly love to dance and to want to excel.  Dedication and commitment on the part of the student and parent is crucial to this program’s success.  These students compete in at least 4 competitions and road trips may occur.  Pro-training students perform at many community events and in all year-end shows.  


An audition is required for all new and returning students each year. Dancers must currently be training both ballet and jazz at a level appropriate for their age.



Trainee (Half-Day Program)

For the serious dancer, Grade 9-12, who wishes to pursue a career in ballet, jazz or musical theatre. Dancers in this program train 15+ hours, five days a week. Classes begin mid-day three days a week.

Dancers must audition for placement in this program and must have a tremendous desire to excel! Extensive choreography and competing in ballet, jazz, lyrical, contemporary and musical theatre are a part of this program.

Please contact the studio for an application.

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