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I just want to send a sincere thanks to all of you for the wonderful performance yesterday.  I can only imagine how hard you worked putting the show together, and each performer was oozing pride as we enjoyed one group after another show us their stuff!  We were truly moved, right from the first performance to the last.


Beyond the lovely costumes, choreography, makeup and curls, I was watching for one thing: genuine smiling faces, particularly on my daughter's face.  I could tell that she was happy and excited, and so proud of herself.  That was all that mattered, and you and your staff made it happen.


Thank you for the hard work and memories and we definitely plan on returning for more Tri City Dancing next year!


J.V. – Tri-City Dance Mom

Congratulations on a most wonderful Finale last night!  It was such an enjoyable event, and our daughter looks forward to becoming the dancers who inspired her last night.


Thanks again,

A.V. – Tri-City Dance Mom

There is one reason we have been at Tri-City dance for 8 years- you!  We love you all.

Thanks for being great, caring teachers,


D.D. and family

Photos by GTFX

Congratulations on a job well done!  We were at Saturday's afternoon performance - it was fabulous.  Extremely well organized.  I enjoyed all of the performances - the costumes were amazing not to mention the talent! 


Thanks – F.P.

I just wanted to let you know how wonderful of a job you and your staff are doing.  Though it could be overwhelming, you guys are always so attentive to our needs.


Thank you so much.


S.C. – Tri-City Dance Centre Mom


I'm probably repeating myself but I wanted to tell you again how my daughter loves your dance school. She told me last night in the car that she loves dancing there. She glows when she's there. There's such a great camaraderie amongst the girls, which is such a nice environment to be in. You ladies in the office make us feel welcome even when we are probably driving you crazy. The teachers are amazing.

Just thought I would tell again what a great school you have.


I.B. – Tri-City Dance Centre Mom

Thanks for all your hard work in preparing for such a wonderful show! It was well-organized and the dancing was great. The costumes were amazing! The teachers are all terrific!


L. N – Tri-City Dance Mom

I just wanted to thank you so much for being so helpful the other day when Lauren and her daughter came by for a visit.    She had so many great things to say about you and the school and I thought I would send you this quick message to let you know that I appreciate your kindness.  Hope you have a wonderful weekend!


Y.T. – Tri-City Dance Mom

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